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A Message From Our Adventurers

Apparent Winds Sailing around the world 2019 - 2021

Apparent wind is the wind we feel when in motion. The relative velocity of true wind and our movement in relation to it.

Apparent Winds is a journey around the world, using that concept as a metaphor, exploring human perspective in relation to shared natural forces.

Prentice "Tripp" Brower and Zach Bjur

The Mission

Human identity is intrinsically linked to our environment. And culture is often defined by our relationship with the land or sea surrounding us. Cuisine, architecture, communication, music, etc., have all developed alongside the resources and topography immediately available. But the world is changing. It’s continually becoming smaller. Ideas and goods are dispersed around the world at a rate and ease we’ve never experienced. We are more aware than ever of the limits of the planet’s resources, the impact of our global population, and the fragility of isolated culture.

Our mission is to set sail to discover how cultures around the world are navigating the impacts of globalization and environmental change. We will explore how traditions are being molded or erased as these cultures face an onslaught of change and what solutions they’ve devised to preserve their way of life.

Upcoming Events Tripp and Zach's House Cooling Party - July 27th, 2019 @ 6:00PM Join us at our home to celebrate our last days living on land! We have to be out of the house at the end of the month so come see what we have that you may want! 

Tripp and Zach's Home 2191 Coker Ave Charleston, SC 29412 

Farewell to Hilton Head - September 2019 We will be sailing down to Hilton Head Island for this event! Details to come! 

Party and Fundraiser at Blue Ion - October 3rd @ 7:00 PM  Our Friends at Blue Ion are graciously opening their doors to us and helping us to host a Fundraiser at their headquarters in Downtown Charleston! Please come join us for snacks, drinks, music and a presentation by our crew. 

Blue Ion  301 King St. Charleston, SC 29401

Fall Party and Send off Celebration with the Lowcountry Maritime School - Saturday October 26th  Our last big party before departure! Please come support the Lowcountry Maritime School and Apparent Winds. The first Fall Party was in 2014, and it has gotten better every year! Don't miss it this year! More details coming soon! 

Lowcountry Maritime School 1230 Pherigo Street Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 

The Apparent Winds Send Off - Saturday, November 2nd  This is the big day. Planning is still in progress but we will be sailing out of Charleston and would love to see you there!  How You Can Help In preparation for our departure, we have been selling  our belongings, taking on multiple jobs, and preparing our boat every week to ensure our safety at sea. All of this effort has gone a long way but we still need the support of others to make this journey possible! 

There are several ways to support our Journey:

1) Follow us Along the Way - We will be sharing our story on multiple platforms, follow along, get connected, and share with your friends! Use these links to connect to our current outlets   Facebook Instagram Patreon Website

2) Support us on Patreon- This platform allows supporters to give reoccurring contributions starting as low as $5 a month. In return, supporters gain access to exclusive goods and content. Click here to visit our Patreon

3) Donate to our Safety Campaign with Donate 2it - This is our most pressing need! Donate2it is a small fundraising platform which has agreed to give us $5000 in matching funds to help us purchase all of the safety and navigational equipment we need for our circumnavigation! The sooner we get our new equipment the sooner we can familiarize ourselves with it, so stop here first!  Click here to visit the page

4) Donate online through SquareUp - We can accept donations online through SquareUp, the link can be found on our website. Click here to visit our site

5) Mail in support -  Thanks to our team on land, we will always have a mailing address in our home port of Charleston, SC. We can receive correspondence, donations, and anything else you wish to send!  Apparent Winds  PO Box 22751  Charleston, SC 29413 The days to departure are quickly counting down! Please stay tuned for more to come! 

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